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Nathan James VandenAvond

The Rawk Show
Austin, Texas
I'm a former drag queen (my run was from 1992-2002) named Coochie Tuscadero: Exotic Goddess, and I won the Austin Chronicle's Best Drag Show award in 1996 (yes, I'm *that* old!) I was known as The Messy Queen of Texas as I would incorporate eggs, chicken feet, fake blood, pig's heads, chainsaws, and sledgehammers in my act. I performed to songs by Hole ("Pretty on the Inside" era only), Diamanda Galas, Lunachicks, Lords of Acid, Bikini Kill, BWP, Enya, and Aretha Franklin. I also performed with Lords of Acid on 3 separate tours through Austin, and graced the stages of Liberty Lunch, Stubb's, 404/Area 52, the Crossing, Boyz Cellar, La Zona Rosa, and the Olive Garden! Yes, THE Olive Garden! Ask me about that one! :)

By day I work in accounting and by night I dabble in the arts. I book performers for Austin's annual Pride event; curate art shows focusing on work by musicians, drag performers, and other artists; and I am starting my own booking agency to rep performers I love. Working on my new website for that so stay tuned.

I'm easy to talk to so feel free to say Hi. I will be attending with my brand new (and my first ever!) husband. The website link in my profile is our wedding site but has some drag elements so check it out if ya wanna.

Hope to see some old friends and make a lot of new ones! And we love taking photos with fabulous queens/kings/goddesses so we hope to snap one with you!

Say Hi on facebook and/or Instagram: whiskeyanddonuts