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Post Modern Sleeze

Ambassador to the human species
Post Modern Sleaze is a habitual offender of fashions that was banished from her galaxy for manipulating her identities, and sent to planet earth as her punishment to study the homosexual species.

Her goal?

To gather intelligence for the next 69 years of the homosexual agenda, and bring forth her knowledge's back to her galaxy to start a homosexual community. So far, she has gathered 2 main things about earth and gays, lady gaga and ripped muscle bodies.

Unsatisfied with the few years she has been on earth she is now consuming her life in another branch of the gay umbrella as Transgendered. With her abilities to mask her alienesque existence, she has discovered the true meanings and struggles of the homosapiens. The data combined weighs heavily on her heart as she takes her new identity and scientific analogies, promising her new cultivation on her planet will not be filled with HATE.

With, 57 more years of being banished from her once popular life as Queen of Identities, she now appreciates the struggles of such a beguiled part of the human existence. It also gives her time to think about her multiple charges that have set her here in the first place.

Charges include:
Identity Manipulation (40 year banishment)
public sex (5 year banishment)
wearing vintage (8 year banishment)
wearing polyester wigs (10 year banishment)
performing beyonce songs (6 year crime and banishment)

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