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Public Relations: A Drag Queen's Best Friend
Love Can be a Drag!: The Difficulty Finding Love in the Drag World
JizzaBella began as a class assignment in the first year of college in 2009. The assignment being "Do something outside the box". Not knowing what Drag was or having any experience with it, the first thing to do was go to a Gay club and search for these Drag Queens. After going to a club named Muther's in Rochester, NY, JizzaBella met a local drag entertainer named Samantha Vega and told them the interest of doing drag. Samantha Vega said they would help and put together a look and do makeup for JizzaBella. A new beginning for this shy boy named Brandon Ballone that was always the good boy in school, always doing their homework. What would come of him after this first experience with drag? JizzaBella began performing locally in Rochester, building up the name. Doing guest spots at Muther's and TiLT Nightclub. Once able to have a reputable name, JizzaBella was able to start performing in surrounding cities, such as Buffalo and Syracuse. By 2013, JizzaBella had developed her online presence and was becoming a familiar name. That year, JizzaBella auditioned for RuPaul's Drag Race Season 6 and was favored by underwear/clothing company Andrew Christian as one of their choices for the show. Unfortunately JizzaBella did not get picked for this season, but it did not stop her. JizzaBella lived in Rochester, NY until 2013, when it was time to move to NYC to further develop this career in Drag and do some soul searching. Up to this point JizzaBella had expanded to performing throughout NY state, Los Angeles, and throughout NYC. There was no stopping there for this young diva. More recently in 2015, JizzaBella was the host of "Get Into It!", a drag competition sponsored by Kryolan Cosmetics, along side with close friend The Countess Mascara. JizzaBella was also part of the first annual Austin International Drag Festival, which landed the role to be the ambassador for NYC for the upcoming 2016 festival in Austin, TX.