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avatar for Deb Leigh Nighshade

Deb Leigh Nighshade

The House of Urban Legendary
Creator/House Mother
avatar for Tucker Noir

Tucker Noir

Movement Specialist
avatar for Lady J Martinez O'Neal

Lady J Martinez O'Neal

Untucking the Past: 100 years of Drag History
Opulence!: The Influence of Drag on Fashion and Costuming

Coco Olorunfemi

Eman Zazar
Creative Art and fashion director
avatar for Jaclyn Palomino

Jaclyn Palomino

Palomino Beauty
Shuttle Driver
avatar for Rasta Boi Punany

Rasta Boi Punany

Rasta Boi Punany
avatar for Local Queen

Local Queen

Local Queen
avatar for Elizabeth Rajchart

Elizabeth Rajchart

Blue Aster Photography
avatar for Harry Roberts

Harry Roberts

Austin International Drag Foundation Inc.
avatar for Mark Tompkins Sec

Mark Tompkins Sec

Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers
artist, dancer and choreographer
avatar for Tamale Sepp

Tamale Sepp

Tamale Rocks
Boss Biotch

Traci Sepp

FinTech / Developer Productivity
Business Development
avatar for Richard Simpson

Richard Simpson

Pross Co
Senior Software Engineer/CTO

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